Sales Ready Prospects in Real Time

The quickest way to get new customers.

Find Active Buyers

We seek active buyers using search engine and pay-per-click marketing along with content rich websites.

Gather Quote Requests

Active buyers submit a completed quote request form from our website to our processing team.

Verify Purchase Intent

We phone-verify each buyer for product and purchase intent 12 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Your products, your geo

We only send you prospects that match your specific product set and geography.

Fast follow-up

We send those prospects to your team in "real-time" by email or CRM integration so you can respond immediately.


Why Partner with 360Connect?

Industry Leading Payouts for your Web Traffic

We struggled to call the prospects fast at first, but after training from 360, we got our call times below 10 minutes, and are now growing by $25,000/month. Thanks 360Connect for the great leads!

360Connect leads have been responsible for 25% of our overall new business growth during this period. Our sales team and telemarketing department have benefited big-time from using 360Connect lead program.

We have experienced an unprecedented growth in monthly sales along with reliable vetted leads that easily allow us to predict future growth. The customer service is extremely receptive to our needs.

Generate Additional Revenue

  • Significant competitive payouts
  • Active in 40+ Business-to-Business categories
  • Receive revenue for your existing marketing activities

High Quality Service

  • 750+ supplier network
  • Phone-screened quote requests 12 hours/day
  • Real-time 100% transparency

Marketing is complicated. Let us do the work for you.

We collect, verify by phone, and deliver high quality prospects to the businesses we serve. We match buyers with sellers in REAL TIME.

Simplicity at it's best:

  1. We find prospects actively searching for your product or service
  2. We phone screen those prospects
  3. We deliver prospects to you in real time
  4. You choose the geography
  5. You choose the exact product and service types

We collect information from our prospects using our online lead surveys. The lead survey collects the product they are interested in and other relevant information. We gather their contact information and what they need.

Then our lead processors immediately get to work. We verify the customer's information over the phone and then we send you the prospect's information. You often receive the lead within minutes after we receive it.

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